Can’t get enough of Fort Smith!

FOXY decided we just weren’t finished with Fort Smith yet. We were back again for the third time around. We just can’t get enough of it! We had the pleasure to meet three different groups of girls over the course of three days, and even had a few returning Foxes come around for a second go at our workshops!

We came down to Smith with high hopes of one thing; snake sex. They say if you put your hand in a ball of the mating snakes at the national park near the town and a snake pees on you, it’s good luck. We were super excited ‘cause I mean, it’s snake sex. What’s cooler than that? One female is in a ball of upwards of twenty five males who are all competing to mate with her. A BALL OF SNAKES YOU CAN STICK YOUR HAND IN! If a ball of snakes trying to fornicate wasn’t enough to convince us, ON TOP of the fantastic girls we already knew and loved, Fort Smith had babies and Candice’s beloved family dog Chester. The deal was sealed, Fort Smith was a go and we’d be staying for even longer than usual.

Some evenings were spent knitting, others studying, and some playing with babies and puppies. We had three workshops, the first two days we couldn’t even accept all the participants because we had so many. Unfortunately, on the third day a lot of the girls were travelling to Grande Prairie for their Super Soccer tournament. We still got to hang out with three awesome ladies that day even though we had to modify the workshop a little bit to accommodate for their only being three girls instead of the usual 10-12. Something super-duper extra awesome about FOXY is that we supply lunch. We just so happened to have a secret pizza making prodigy by the name of Jessica on our side. She made us some amazing pizzas for lunch as well as got the word out about our workshops to the girls!

Something we all love about the girls we meet in Fort Smith is that they’re always so enthusiastic and involved in the activities we do and the discussions we have. There was never a dull moment. Whether it was lunch and talking about that awful “Whisper” phone app or the resurrection of Hannah Montana, we were always in the midst of something. The thing about a small community is that everyone knows everyone, and most of the girls seemed relatively comfortable with each other already, which made our discussions even more hilarious (and educational too)!

We finally officially introduced the FOXY Peer Leader Retreat that we’ll be having this summer at the Blachford Lake Lodge to the girls and they were all either really excited and eager to apply, or bummed because they’d be out of town and couldn’t come. We’ll be taking twenty girls for a week to Blachford to participate in a longer variation of the FOXY workshop that will incorporate the use of different artistic techniques to educate and self-empower.

FOXY loves Fort Smith, and we hope to see some familiar FOXY faces at the Retreat this summer!

– Jessie Shaw
FOXY Peer Leader