Colville Lake gets FOXY’ed

Colville Lake has a population of 126 people, but with the addition of four FOXY ladies, the population was 130. The FOXY team tries to include the smaller and more remote Northern communities, as girls in these communities may have less access to sexual health resources than those in larger communities. After arriving at the airport (which consisted of one small room and some bathrooms), the team set off to the B&B we would be staying at, a hop skip and a jump away from where we would be holding the workshop. We got comfortable, and had a good night’s sleep in anticipation for the busy day ahead of us.

We realized we’d need to make another atypical accommodation for the group of girls we would have. This time, we had girls that were younger than usual. We decided that we’d make some small changes, but still stick with our main focus for the workshop.

We were introduced to the girls and they almost instantly became little monkeys, climbing all over basketball nets (and somehow even managed to actually get into the roof)! Once we finally managed to settle everyone down, we went through introductions and a quick icebreaker before launching into the Birds and the Bees activity.

Although the girls were rowdier than what we were used to, their enthusiasm was welcomed. They excelled in the body mapping, and we saw some incredible artistic talent amongst the Foxes. They enjoyed it to a point where most girls had a hard time putting the chalk down once it was time to finish up! We had to change some of the lessons to accommodate for the younger age group, but it was a success none the less. The Foxes got into costume and right away became open and silly, and they all had a number of ideas for possible outcomes for each scenario we presented to them. We actually had to try to calm the girls down a little, so that they would pay attention and quit playing with the costumes a few times!

Although the age of the girls presented a few surprises, we got through the day happy with some wild Foxes that we grew to love, over the course of just a day. We hope to have had the same impact on the girls as the girls did on us, because it goes without saying that this workshop was definitely a memorable one.

– Jessie Shaw, FOXY Peer Leader