Fort Smith

If days can have polar opposites, Fort Smith was Hay River’s. This was the first time we did a workshop from the school, which kept us on a bit of a better schedule. The girls were so stoked on it, and got really into every part.

One huge difference was the fact that we switched to black paper for body mapping, and did a few more visualizations with the girls. You wouldn’t think it’d make that much of a difference, but the products were so beautiful (this was when we realized that body mapping could definitely be considered an artistic method). The girls enjoyed it, and let us know that they felt that they’d really learned something from that kind of introspection.

After lunch, the story-telling part was great. Everyone wrote their own story, and the girls totally bonded in acting each of them out. They let each other narrate and act, they had a great time with the clothes and props, and Candice and I couldn’t stop laughing. The highlight of the entire day was when someone aggressively claimed the part of acting out “The Locker.”

— by Nancy MacNeill, Project Coordinator