FOXY in Tulita!

The FOXY team was eager as ever to get to Tulita, NT, as it was the first workshop we would be doing to start off the new season of FOXY workshops. After travelling by plane to Norman Wells, the team was chartered to the small community and greeted by the owner of the Hotel, who kindly gave us a ride to where we would be staying.

After a good night’s rest at a homey hotel we woke up bright and early to prepare ourselves for the day ahead. There was an anxious air about the team; eager as everyone was, we were itching to get to the school and meet with the girls. The walk to the school was a triumph. To walk through snow at dangerously cold temperatures with two gigantic suitcases is a task like no other, but FOXY prides itself on perseverance. We got to the school cold and frosty, and were immediately welcomed by some lovely members of the staff. Armed with tea, coffee, and a compelling desire to finally start the workshop, the team was set.

We were surprised to find out that we would be accommodating 12 girls, instead of the standard 10, but the team decided that no girl should be left out, so the more the merrier! The group started off a little slow with not a lot of enthusiasm, but once we got further into the workshop, the girls began coming out of their shells and being their goofy, amazing individual selves.

The girls really excelled when we started the drama portion of the workshop. We typically give the girls scenarios to act out during all our workshops, so they can explore different options to find a positive and effective way to deal with real life situations. Usually the girls are more reluctant about this part; however, the Tulita girls jumped right in! There were some hilarious and memorable moments, and we had some all-star actresses.

Tulita was a success in the books of the FOXY team, and the girls we met were amazing and unforgettable. The experience with every single workshop is unique in its own way, from the people involved to the topics that come up in conversation. The team hopes to have had positive effects on the girls in the workshop, because they were all lovely FOXY ladies!

– Jessie Shaw, FOXY Peer Leader