FOXY’s First Visit to Behchoko!

Situated only an hour’s drive outside of Yellowknife, Behchoko is a relatively easy community for us to reach. Although this was our first workshop there, we definitely hope to return because we were only able to work with a handful of the girls from the school.

To get there, we left early in the morning out the highway with a caffeinated Candice driving. It was dark and snowy, but we were greeted at the school by our contact, an energetic guidance counselor who helped us set up and even gave us breakfast. After a slightly delayed start, we got into the workshop itself. The girls were shy to begin with, as usual, but proved eager to learn and had a lot of pertinent questions that came up in the anonymous Question Box.  We were lucky enough to be in a very secluded area at the far end of the school, so we had no distracting exterior factors and I think it was easier for the girls to forget where they were and open up to us.

For lunch we found out the school not only offers breakfast to its students but also has terrific lunch program, and we were invited to eat a Christmas meal in the cafeteria. Schools with food programs are awesome. I wish my school did that.

After lunch we regrouped and continued on. We had to adapt a few activities, and cut some out because of time constraints, but no one minded. The guidance counselor had informed us of several issues that she thought affected this particular group of girls. Because of this we were able to share specific information and support in the areas of need, and I’m glad to say I think this group sincerely benefited from FOXY. We all look forward to returning to Behchoko’s school and continuing our efforts.

 – Sophie Grogono, FOXY Peer Leader