Inuvik x 2!

Juice boxes make my soul cry. They are untrustworthy and heavy and full of sugar anyway. Who needs juice boxes.

This time around, Inuvik had two workshops with us. The first one went so well that by mid afternoon we had girls sticking their heads in to ask if they could join. Luckily, they were all able to join us the next day. We were able to work with two sets of really fantastic girls, all of them unique. It’s really interesting to see how they each absorb the information differently. We’ve had girls who barely participated throughout the day, but at the end have told us how much they appreciated their time with us. It goes to show that there are so many different ways of learning.

One thing we learned during the first workshop was a new term for penis: Boing-Loing. It’s my new favorite word. I feel like if penises had a sound, like how a cat meows, its sound would be somewhere along the lines of BOOINNNNG-LOOOIING (cartoon style). We should also make it into a verb. Boing-loinging. I boing-loing, you boing-loing, he/she/it boing-loings.

In almost every workshop we do, I hear a reference to the movie Mean Girls. These references usually come up during Student-Led Sex Ed. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve heard the words “but if you take off your clothes and touch each other, you will get chlamydia. And die.” As well as “Don’t have sex, because if you do you WILL get pregnant and die.” Apparently sex leads to imminent death. Yay for Lindsay Lohan movies educating young people (sort of).

Every workshop, things change. Our new, revised edition of body mapping was really appreciated. We changed the visualizations, which gave it a little bit more structure, and I think really helped the girls grasp what body mapping is. It’s really neat to watch how every workshop is different, and every time we change little things to make it better. When we stop to look back, we can really see how far FOXY has come in so little time.

Also, Inuvik gave us one of the best question box questions ever, “Can you do an impression of a penis?”

Why yes, yes we can… And I did.

– Sophie Grogono, FOXY Peer Leader