Providence gets FOXY!

A three-hour drive past wintery forest and frosted bison led FOXY to Fort Providence, a little community that’s near the widely publicized Deh Cho Bridge. Arriving at night, we stayed in the Snow Shoe Inn for a sleep and the next morning trucked over to the school. We met a terrific group of girls, ages 12-14. There were many strong personalities, but they all worked so well with one another that we had few to no problems and found the workshop went extremely smoothly. The girls were all interested in what we had to say and squeezed us for information, asking lots of relevant questions in our anonymous Question Box. They were all eager to learn, which was awesome. From what we understand, the most common problems they face in their lives in regards to sexual health are peer pressure and real life application of what they may have learned in sex ed classes at school. As always, we were glad to offer the tools to deal with these issues.

We had tons of laughs (Nancy got to explain what tea-bagging is, much to the general disgust of the group) and our drama activities were a huge hit. Everyone participated eagerly throughout the entire day. At the end when we got the girls to fill out evaluation sheets of the workshop, we received some amazing responses. One of the best was a girl who, when asked what she had learned said, “I learned today that I can wait [for sex]. It’s my body. SCREW SOCIETY!” FOXY FTW.

-Sophie Grogono, FOXY Peer Leader