It’s great to be on home turf at Sir John Franklin School! Although we are lucky to have access to a variety of resources here in Yellowknife, teaching someone to spell and identify “chlamydia” does not necessarily help her make healthy choices regarding her relationships. The day starts with an ambush (I say this in jest, but Nancy and I have unexpectedly appeared in the Principal’s office multiple times this semester) of the school office, where we meet the new Foxes.

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What a day of firsts! This is my first FOXY blog post, my first time Peer Leading the workshop and the first time I’ve ever been this far up North. Nancy, Candice, and I landed in Inuvik on a chilly afternoon, two hours after our expected arrival time. Lucky for us, we had our notes in our carry-ons, so we went over some of the major objectives of the workshop during the plane ride as a refresher.

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Fort Smith

If days can have polar opposites, Fort Smith was Hay River’s. This was the first time we did a workshop from the school, which kept us on a bit of a better schedule. The girls were so stoked on it, and got really into every part.

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Hay River

They say that the point of focus testing is to take something that works in theory and see how it works in the real world. So, in that case, our very first focus test was a success. Because one thing that does NOT work in the real world is starting an optional workshop for teenagers at 9am on a Saturday.

Yeah, it sounds obvious. It became obvious to us around 9:10am on that Saturday.

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