FOXY/SMASH are hiring Digital Storytelling Facilitators for our 2017 Peer Leader Retreats!

DEADLINE FOR APPLICANTS: MAY 15th, 2017 FOXY (Fostering Open eXpression among Youth) is an arts-based sexual/mental health and leadership organization with an office located in Yellowknife. We offer programming for Northern and Indigenous youth across the Canadian North through our FOXY and SMASH (Strength, Masculinities, and Sexual Health) programs. Our focus is on the process … Read more

FOXY awarded the 2014 Arctic Inspiration Prize!

We are thrilled to announce that FOXY (Fostering Open eXpression among Youth) has been named the 2014 Laureate of the Arctic Inspiration Prize. The Arctic Inspiration Prize is a $1 million dollar prize awarded annually to groups contributing to the collection of Arctic knowledge, and are committed to the implementation of their knowledge into real-world application for the benefit of the people of the Canadian Arctic.

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Can’t get enough of Fort Smith!

FOXY decided we just weren’t finished with Fort Smith yet. We were back again for the third time around. We just can’t get enough of it! We had the pleasure to meet three different groups of girls over the course of three days, and even had a few returning Foxes come around for a second go at our workshops!

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FOXY does Fort Smith… again!

After all that northward travel, FOXY decided to change things up a bit, and hit one of the more southern (northern) communities. Going almost all the way to Alberta, the FOXY team found themselves in a small community of about 2500 people called Fort Smith.

The funny thing about the north is that when you’ve grown up in it or have come to call it home, it’s hard to go somewhere where there aren’t ties of some sort. Fort Smith just so happens to be the hometown of Candice Lys, who is the fantastic FOXY Project Lead.

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Tuktoyaktuk, Yo!

After our second workshop in Inuvik, we headed straight out the ice road into the Arctic Circle, to Tukoyaktuk. The drive was gorgeous and we literally watched as the trees on the land got smaller and smaller, eventually disappearing altogether.

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Inuvik x 2!

Juice boxes make my soul cry. They are untrustworthy and heavy and full of sugar anyway. Who needs juice boxes.

This time around, Inuvik had two workshops with us. The first one went so well that by mid afternoon we had girls sticking their heads in to ask if they could join. Luckily, they were all able to join us the next day.

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